Busy bee

Hey y’all!

busy busy busy at the moment πŸ™‚

2012 has started excitingly with the foundation of Auriga Soundworks, a soundtrack company comprising of myself, Bella Kardasis, Dougie Evans & Jason Porter. We’re very excited about the future of this sound design team & where it will lead as we share the same dedicated approach to creating integral scores that subtly enhance digital media and performing arts.

Currently Dougie and I are putting the finishing touches to our score for Joe Darby and Kai Downham’s contemporary dance piece ‘White Space Conflict‘. We’re really excited for this to be our first collaboration under Auriga Soundworks and we’re excited about the piece’s premiere at The Place, London on 28th January.

Erstwhile, Jason Porter and I are collaborating with Park Bench Dance Theatre for their latest piece πŸ™‚ Creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1950’s has been a real challenge, but also a lot of fun!

At the end of January, Bella Kardasis and I are excited to be composing two scores for UdifydanceΒ for their latest tour “And When We Move…” Chris and I have worked together several times and it will be great to revitalise our rapport.

I’ve also just written this … considering arranging it for orchestra πŸ™‚

Exciting! Hope 2012 is being good to you all!




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