The Epic (blog)

So I’ve wanted to go to Japan since at 2006, partly inspired by ‘Beat’ Takeshi’s cinema… and a lot of anime. 🙂 Well this year, I’m going. I’m taking my music to Tokyo! My friends always said I’d be big in Japan. I’m not taking much with me, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can buy there.
My aim is to get some DJ equipment to help me play live ambient/improvisation gigs and also a buff acoustic guitar in order to keep songwriting/writing instrumental material in CGDGGD tunings 🙂 I will be taking my trusty electronic hard drive which contains all the songs I’ve ever written and a lot of Logic/Ableton projects/samples 🙂

Very excited to  be realizing a dream I’ve held for a long time. Looking forward to Tokyo’s open mic scene and catching up with some old friends over there. err..
I WILL SEE THE BAND ‘FICTION JUNCTION’ . My fans know how important this statement is. I’m also hoping to see Akeboshi and possibly my compositional idol Yoko Kanno too.

Thanks to my family and close friends for being so supportive in this bardo of transition, and to the close friends I haven’t told about this yet!! (I’m rubbish!)

In the meanwhile, I’m a lot happier knowing that I’m following my heart, and the music. The philosopher Robert Anton Wilson once said “I think the joy of art is trying to convey what you perceive so that other people will perceive it more or less the same way. Art is a form of seduction. I mean, there are rapists in the intellectual world: they become politicians; the seducers become artists…”

Whilst I’m not in the habit of seducing people musically, It is my hope that the music I make can at least make someone smile, or evoke something positive or magical… that’s what music’s done for me. If one person comes up to me after a gig and says they digged it, that’s enough for me. They are  the people I make music for. I couldn’t give a shit about Simon Cowell or the music industry (The Wang Empire) … it’s all balding men extorting the next big thing. I’ve never been the next big thing, but I know a few people who’ve digged what I’ve done, and it inspires me to keep going, growing, keep continually trying to follow this.


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