Opus and dreams

…started writing earlier today… this isn’t even accurate and is so messy i don’t need copyright. the only constants in the piece will be the modal centre and the groupings of 6, with 3 notes in each hand. The meter shifts and I’ve got a lot further with the midi… but yea, hoping to have 5 or so pieces scored by October. If anyone likes them, I’ll hopefully make a lil’ book. I’ll need some help, but I’m confident that with the help of 2 friends who’re good at this classical stuff, the end product will be pretty unique. Unlike oh, I dunno, say most of Phillip Glass’s career (an A minor b13 arpeggio repeated for hours). These pieces are inspired by Poulenc, Ravel, Uematsu, Part…. but they’re won’t compare, they’ll just be their own thing. Defined and existent nonetheless.


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