2013 projects update :)

Hey everyone! I’m on it. Working a 50 hour week has slowed things and it’s unfortunately slayed a few beautiful opportunities this year! Fortunately, come September, I’ll have more time. Anyway, for now, here’s what’s hip in Geo-ville.
1. Alex-24
This album has taken forever, but it’s finally getting there! Have sent a demo to a vinyl company, so it looks like this will be my first album to be on record!!! Still need to get it properly mixed and mastered, as I’ve only got headphones and 1 monitor at the moment! Although mixing in mono is not a fruitless experience, I need this album to sound as good as it should.
2.  Film/anime/game work
We’re halfway through creating a professional portfolio for my soundtrack work. It’s a collaboration with my friend Nic Liu. We’re very excited about this. I’ll keep you posted as things develop. This will be my first business venture, co-running a soundtrack company. Name and more details TBA…
3. My acoustic guitar arrives next Friday. For anyone interested in my acoustic material, you’ll know I’ve been writing for 10 years or so, so it’s going to be great to revive and record some old songs 🙂
4.   For the next Smoke Thief album I’m planning to record my saxophone on a mountain and then record piano, guitar and other strange things in a studio. I’m aiming to record the whole thing in September. I feel I’ve learned a lot this year by failing my way upwards! I want to make something really melodic and also experimental that highlights the different characters of my musical personae.
5. My book of minimalist piano pieces is still coming along. Got some great stuff, it just takes a long time to craft!
6. Smoke Thief live
My last performance was really successful. I get my new mac next week, so I’ll be working on a live set that allows me to more freely control the arrangements live. Collaboration with a very talented VJ (video DJ) Ciudades Futuras http://www.mixcloud.com/davidperaltadelaluz/ confirmed. Aiming to launch in May/June.
7. International collaborations
My dear friends in the UK are still some of the most talented and lovely people I’ve ever met. I look forward to traversing 6000 miles, digitally if necessary, to keep working with them 🙂 Buffalo.
All looking good.
In the meanwhile, If anyone likes my music enough to by it, I’ve released a few bootleg compilations on bandcamp for 500 yen or something. It’s the equivalent of buying me a beer. There are 3 albums featuring jazz, acoustic, piano stuff from the last 8 years, so maybe you’ll dig something.
LOVE geox xx x

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