Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund Album by Tokyo-Based Musician “Smoke Thief”


Tokyo Desu


Smoke Thief, aka George Art Baker, Tokyo-based musician and contributor for Japan’s finest purveyor of nob gags and trashy news, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his next album, titled Kodama.

Within the next month, the saxophone, drum machine, bass, piano, guitar, and pretty-much-anything-that-makes-sound player is attempting to raise £1,000 (¥151,830) to pay for specific musical equipment, printing of CD art, and a bodyguard to block all of the underwear that will inevitably be thrown at him once the album is released.*

On his Kickstarter introduction, George explains his inspiration for the album as “Nature and our connectivity to it. Living in Japan, I want to take musical ideas from the environment that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. These will range from mimicking patterns in birdsong to actual ambient recordings from some of Japan’s serene natural areas.”

Various rewards are available for those that would like to pledge, though we…

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