Smoke Thief Commission: Alex-24

So happy 🙂 Thanks Odes and Ink x

Odes and Ink

In the last month we have finished three commissions whilst travelling Thailand.

Two are portraits and the third is album artwork.  We are both big music fans; between us we have an eclectic collection of music and we have long held the company of musicians. Joe has produced some artwork for bands before and really enjoys conceptualising the musician’s ideas into visual imagery.

Cue : George Art-Baker; pianist, saxophonist extraordinaire and Prince praising, Shawn Lane loving guitarist who composes music, as well as a highly entertaining and bizarre commission briefs.

George asked us to produce three images for his new album, Alex-24.  This concept album is about a female android coming to terms with the gifts and burdens of her own sentience, so Alice and I have had an enriching experience researching androids, mechanical body parts and old Chevrolet cars.

The middle section of the album artwork

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