Video: Incredible Hand Flute Guy Brings The House Down

Fantastic 🙂

Tokyo Desu

Have you ever thought about learning the hand flute?!?!?! Neither had we until we saw this incredible video of Mitsuhiro Mori playing a song called Childhood by doing nothing more than blowing into his cupped hands. It’s like some kind of witchcraft.

As if just making a sound with your hands other than clapping wasn’t impressive, Mori-san delights in creating a beautiful tone and vibrato, reminiscent of the traditional Japanese wooden flute, the shakuhachi. We reckon he could also do a banging rendition of the Doctor Who theme after if you got enough drinks in him.  Just when the whole performance is making perfect sense, his arch nemesis, The Master of Bird Callsappears on stage and threatens to decimate proceedings, but fortunately it’s resolved by a rather lovely cadence, without any hand-diva bloodshed.

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