A philosophy

A dear friend of mine has recently began trying to bring some more existentialism back to the occasionally solipsist morass of cat/food photos that is Facebook. As one of the biggest purveyors of food/cat photos (see my Instagram) and a failed philosopher, I
felt compelled to try and distill my life philosophy into a few paragraphs.

‘Your thoughts are either bridges or bombs. If you want, you can learn to make bridges, stronger than steel, connecting you to others, forging indelible bonds. You can build a bridge to your heart and keep walking toward your self. You can pave it with compassion until hate becomes chewing gum that sticks to the bottom of you shoe. You can walk over to the past and see where you were, but no-one can see the bridge to your future. That’s yours to build.

My advice, walk it with friends, if they fall, go back and pick them up, learn kindness from good people and how to see without prejudice from children.

There are bombs planted in your brain you can’t see every day, they are capitalist, animal, nationalist, survivalist, narcissist. only you can disarm them before you hurt someone else. If you do, follow the bridge back into your heart, and plant an undying flower for everyone you hurt so you can remember what you did and not make the same mistakes again.

Don’t compare the path you walk to anyone else’s, there will be flowers only you will see and feelings within others that are too soft to be touched by another human mind. In your last seconds, you will answer to yourself. At that point, the path you have walked or at least the way you were headed will determine whether your last thoughts are bridges or bombs.’


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