Kodama update : rhythm of the universe

Recording’s going really well, done one mountain session so far and it went pretty well. I have two studio sessions booked to record some saxophone and guitar indoors as some tracks don’t need the extra space and sometimes the wind picks up and destroys a solo! (sadness ensues!). This week I’ll be having a play with a new idea in 6/4, based on the Lotus Sutra from Nichiren Buddhism Nam(u)-Myōhō-Renge-Kyō  which apparently if chanted, connects you to the rhythm of the universe. Nichiren Buddhism stresses a fundamental respect for all beings and despite not being religious, in the world of Facebook and ADD brain activity, the idea of a mantra to focus you and connect you to what’s around you is inspiring to me.
A piece in 6/4 is slightly breaking the 4/4 law of hip-hop, but it’s worth a try.  Thanks to my production mentors (you know who you are!), Ishibashi Music in Ikebukuro, Echigoya Music in Shibuya and everyone that’s supported this quest! I’m learning a lot every day through this project.

Plans for this month:

An all day studio session with the sax/guitars
2 mountain missions
Feedback from other artists
More writing

Here’s a photo I’m very thankful for, taken by Atsushi Minemura for the photo below.




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