A love letter to struggling artists and the magnifient, Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer IS BRILLIANT. This video is one of the most intelligent commentaries you’ll hear on the state of modern music. The industry has pretty much killed the livelihood of artists by only supporting barbie dolls and Bieber-divas who are dangled like puppets, only capable of inanely shouting ‘baby’ and ‘you, girl’.
I have a Master’s degree  in music and I’m proud to have met some of the greatest musicians, dancers and visual artists on this planet… who gain very little money from their craft. In music, Youtube, Spotify, i-tunes and Soundcloud have maximised the value of all songs at 99¢. Facebook and Youtube are both slowly enforcing their ambitions of charging labels and artists to even host their music/reach fans.
The artists are left with 2 choices

1. Sell out and write ‘oh, baby, BLA BLA BLA, forever, girl’ hits or
2. Ask for help from the fans they continually give their love and energy to.

I’d become a little disenfranchised with the seeming hopelessness of it all until I watched Amanda talking boldly and passionately about her connections to people. She’s made me realize how important it is to keep putting faith and energy into my art and into building relationships with my audience.

This message of hope goes out to all my under-appreciated friends who still haven’t given up. The dream of being paid what your art is actually worth is pretty much over, BUT, the internet (in particular, Facebook) does allow us to garner a following of people, who hopefully care about what you do.

In a hundred years, nobody sane will remember Justin Bieber’s music, but someone might rediscover the brilliance you put into that bit of songwriting, or that piano piece, or the feeling of that insane solo you played in some nightclub without a microphone.

I want to encourage each of you to collaborate, use labels and social media just to reach out to more listeners, be enthusiastic about talking to fans and spending time with them. If you’re trying to make anything worthwhile and enduring, it’s most likely that they are your greatest allies 🙂

With this I share my Twitter. http://www.twitter.com/georgeartbaker

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and my label, Escape To Yourself Records. http://www.facebook.com/escapetoyourself

Peace and Love.


This picture is SO OLD NOW X
This picture is SO OLD NOW X
Put love in the music
The pendant was made by a native of the Amazon Rainforest 🙂

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