This was the anime festival to end all anime festivals. Anime Japan 2015 was so nerdtastic online server populations of MMORPGs dwindled slightly in some cosmic display of Otaku stepping outside for the first time this year.

This guy came outdoors… but quickly needed to be put back into an MMORPG ( Otaku life support ) before completely losing his status as no.1 Thoraxian Arch-Mage of Neverpantiesville

Like hedgehogs lulled out by a solar eclipse, on March 19th-22nd, we descended upon Tokyo Big Sight in search of Cosplay, Seiyuu (voice actresses) and bedspreads that should carry a ‘WILL KEEP YOU SINGLE FOREVER’ warning…

One of the things we loved about this festival is that this year it was a lot more family friendly than Comiket. Aside from a few particularly racy cosplay artistes and that seemingly abominable visual motif – high school girl’s underwear… this was refreshingly non-soul churning.

Alright, some of it was a little creepy…

Anime’s that dominated were Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho Pass and the classically titled Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru.

Producers were very welcoming and spent hundreds of hours answering painstaking questions about unconfirmed seconds series and cup size.

Here are just a few of our Instagramtastic highlights:

A lot of effort went into the exhibitions including this stunning springtime scene featuring real cherry blossom.

We found a hentai detective.

This marvel of OCD.

Phenomenal cosplay artist Maegami. (

We even managed to digitally implant ourselves into the world of Detective Conan.

Anime Japan is a fantastic, annual event, the kind of creativity focused, passionate hobby fair that anime needs more of. Less NSFW (or anyone) imagery than Comiket and Big Sight itself is quite a cinematic wonder at times (excuse the Kurt Russell wannabe)

Producers and staff


unsuitable for anyone not on some kind of WANTED list

to attend the anime festival to end all anime festivals.

This surprising image, akin to

Like  hedgehogs being tempted by the lull of a solar eclipse, in legion we descended upon Tokyo Big Sight to attend the anime festival to end all anime festivals.

so how is this festival unique? Comiket and


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