People who know me, know that Prince is always gonna be my hero. I’m not gonna try and draw parallels, cos I don’t think anyone could parallel PRINCE, but as a multi-instrumentalist and someone who records 17 minute saxophone solos, his uncompromising vision and his exploration of soulful, feminine, funky, seductive universes resonated from the moment I heard ‘I would die for you.’

Even before I heard him, people would talk about this guy who wore purple and mastered every single instrument he touched.

There’s a lot of cool music in the world, for me it doesn’t get cooler than Prince. Prince changed the world and, for me at least, he proved that anything’s possible if you work hard enough.

Despite all the virtuosity, the funk, the solos, the fullness of how he’d embody whatever song he was singing, I will always remember him for that descending falsetto line at the end of ‘Purple Rain’, it sounds like an angel hurtling down to the earth, and musically for me and many others, that’s what he was.
‘Can I play this guitar?’

Prince live at the Superbowl



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