For anyone dismayed by the Trump presidency

Firstly, I know this is fucn depressing, but every single one of you who feels something painful right now are everything that gives me hope that humanity isn’t totally lost in the dark.
Your hearts are all illuminated with love, and that means that we haven’t lost yet. Hold on to that light, cos we’re gonna need it. This is a post-truth world, the acceleration of information has also accelerated disinformation.
Demagoguery, empty rhetoric and speeches made solely of extreme adjectives have won Trump the presidency. Yes there are a lot of racists, a lot of sexists and also just like with Brexit, there are huge swathes of disenfranchised people who vote for whatever change is available because they feel buried in dead-end jobs in ghost towns because of the intrinsic elitism of liberal capitalist democracies that do not make any attempt to allow them to climb up from the lower rungs of the class ladder.
I’m not condoning anyone that voted for Trump, I’m saying he presented himself as the everyman fighting against a corrupt media and a broken establishment, like Farage did, and now America and the UK are starting to look a lot like some kind of Westworld-esque racist museum.
This is a truly terrifying time for LGBTQ people and people of colour, as Trump voters tend to behave like animals when they’re in large groups, and I’m pretty sure that just as Brexit seemingly legitimized racism for the sympathetically challenged, Trump’s ascendance will empower new levels of jackassery amongst his most vile acolytes.
The fallout is very real, already I’ve seen artists, musicians, dancers leaving like they did in Brexit, and just as Brexit seemingly legitimized barbarism for the sympathetically challenged, it’s likely to do the same in the states.
So if you’re in America, please keep an eye out and be there for those you love who feel threatened, this is a scary time for anyone not white/male/heterosexual.
A lot of us are insulated by privileges you don’t see until you meet someone who suffers because they don’t have them, a lot of us have just switched off our empathy buttons cos of incessant media bombardment, I get that, no one can operate in a state of panic or dismay… but consumer capitalism lulls people to sleep and Donald Trump is a fucn Furbie alarm clock that you can’t turn off.
…and I get that not everyone’s a wildflower, orchid eyes, pretty monster flower child shouting about Keanu, Furbies and the moon, but your empathy builds compassion, your compassion builds kindness, kindness builds bridges, those bridges connect people, and when people connect positively, something lovely happens and they remember that they’re together in this mystical galaxy of stars expanding their reach, maybe one day to collapse in on themselves at which maybe they’ll become super anti-stars in a negative universe full of jazz sandwiches or something, I don’t know, it’s too fucn cosmic for me to wrap my head around.
This could be a truly terrible time for a lot of at-risk communities, so let’s be kind, considerate… and if you’re ever confused about what to do,
Don’t ridicule people with disabilities, don’t sexually assault women, don’t stick your name on towers, don’t run unethical sweatshops in China, don’t only use ‘black’ as a plural countable noun, don’t believe global warming is a Chinese conspiracy, don’t walk around with an otter on your head, don’t do weird racist impressions of Asian people, don’t believe conversion therapy is a legitimate psychriatric practice COS IT FUCKING ISN’T, don’t suggest you wanna sleep with your daughter, don’t casually suggest shooting your rivals or hint at starting a revolution because you think you’re gonna lose, don’t grow into a bitter old man, don’t start a fake university or a fake charity, don’t marry someone and then glance over at their voting booth because you’re worried they’ll vote for your opponent, don’t raise your son to do the same, don’t recommend killing innocent families, don’t be Islamophobic, don’t suggest Mexicans are rapists, don’t objectify women or assume you’re somehow in a position to assign them aesthetic values based on your warped notions of aesthetics from 1 to 10….
It’s just a basic guide, but so far Trump seems to be a pretty solid amoral compass.
Anyway, monster loves you. And even if you feel partially jaded and sickened by everything, don’t forget love, friendship, family, funky octopuses in elevators, and that I’m still accidentally walking into bars and saying ‘I’m single’ for no reason other than I get the wrong phrase and repeatedly hit my head 9 times on the same low hanging light.

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