Pretty Monster on male mental health / reaching out

Happy International Men’s Day! I’m passionate about ending the stigma surrounding #malementalhealth & #selfcare. 💕
Whatever anyone’s facing at the moment, I hope you feel you can reach out to someone if you need help. If you need to speak to someone but aren’t comfortable speaking to ur friends,
UK Calm has a helpline and online chat:
In Japan – TELL is for anyone from the international community
It’s possible we guys struggle with expressing emotion or supporting people expressing emotion sometimes cos we spent thousands of years clobbering sabretooth tigers round the head like 300,000 years ago, Monster doesn’t know, but it knows that it’s good to work out what we feel and whether someone else has seen some of the positive things/chances/bounties (maybe coco-choco?) that are just beyond the current horizon.
Not everyone likes directly confronting issues in conversation, but maybe if you have someone to talk to, you can in a roundabout way sort of ask them stuff and prod them for helpful solutions/ scratch em when they’re not looking, mwaahaahaaaa.
Anyway, hope everyone feels supported where they are, I promise their is a network of love around you, we are never swimming alone without the buoyancy of people that care for us… or giant inflatable ducks that never change expression but are somehow pretty chill. XX

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