Hey, how’s everyone doing?
I’m hoping to drum up some more support for my music using Patreon. If you’re a member of the ‘Smoke Thieves’ Guild’ (Patreon), you can suggest ideas/themes/concepts for live improvs and I will do my best! Some weeks will just be me working on the album as gallantly as I can!
Thanks for your support. If anyone doesn’t want to sponsor regularly but would like to say ‘hey George, I believe in you and your music’, you can support my music-making via a singular donation on ko-fi!
Thanks so much for your support during the roughest year ever! Gonna get through, gonna keep truckin. love and lava lamps XXX
もしドンドン払ってるが無理でしたらでもまだ応援したい、コーヒー(www.ko-fi.com/smokethief )で一回サポートを出来ます。
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