Guide to visiting Comiket

Comiket is SUPER FUN! I thought I’d put together this little guide for visiting.

Recommended itinerary:

PASSMO/SUICA rail card charged with 2000 yen
A few soft drinks
Some lovely snacks (Big Sight’s restaurants and convenience stores can be crowded)

If you’re coming from Tokyo, it’s usually best to take the Rinkai Line (りんかい線,) from Osaki (大崎) station and then get off at Kokusai-Tenjijo station (国際展示場駅). I recommend buying a PASSMO or SUICA card first from one of the Metro or JR ticket machines, as if you don’t have one, expect to add another hour to your trip waiting to buy a ticket. If you’re coming from Tokyo, I’d put about 2000 yen on it, that should more than be enough to get there and back (if not quite enough, it will at least get you out of Kokusai-Tenjijo!!

This is Tokyo Big Sight – you just keep to the right after you exit Kokusai-Tenjijo station (follow the crowds).

The crowds!

Once you’re in, ask the staff where you can pick up a guide book. The event mainly takes place in the East Halls, so you’ll want to head in that direction. The crowd will all be walking that way anyway!

Sometimes the information areas are impossible the find and the different event areas really aren’t well signposted, so here’s a map, with that and the guide book, you’ll be invincible!


A few general hints –

Things tend to shut down between 3 and 4ish (some tables even fold away about 2pm), so it’s best not to arrive too late. The event technically starts at 10am, but I usually arrive around 12pm to miss the morning queues. You may wish to try arriving around 11am if you want to see more stalls without the full ardour of queuing to get in.

  Just a word of warning to parents – The event is kinda unsuitable for kids, there is A LOT of XXX material and some very in-your-face posters. Comiket’s shown no signs of taming or quarantining this element of the festival, it is simply just the way it is – there is crazy nakedness in pretty much every hall. It is perhaps part of the events’ ethos, which states ‘Comiket places emphasis on community building that empowers individual creativity, initiative, freedom.

• The Cosplay Area –

This is super fun and the models are usually very patient and pleased to have their photos taken. It is polite to ask ‘sumimasen, shashin o tottemo ii desu ka? (すみません、写真を取ってもいいですか?) and it is impolite to ask the models for photos outside of the Cosplay Area.


Be nice and couretous to the lovely models!

Manga pros will already know, but Comiket is famous for Doujinshi (同人誌) which are kind of fan-written comics, based on a popular franchise. A lot of these artists are incredible, but just beware that if it’s a big name, like Final Fantasy, it’s likely not the original product unless it says so.

• This year Hall 7 has a lot of new stuff including some incredible gadgets, games, tech, VR stuff and cosplayers’ shops.

Because it’s August, the humidity is crazy. It might not feel that hot, but it somehow still makes you dehydrated, so keep your fluids up!

That’s really all there is to it! Go, have fun!








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