George Art Baker (MA) is a Tokyo based soundtrack artist signed to Brave Wave records. Writing under the alias SMOKE THIEF, he crafts dynamic, integral soundtracks for game, anime, TV, contemporary dance and film.

Epic sax geo pic

Studying both Music and Music Performance at Chichester University, George quickly established himself as a formidable composer and went on to work with some of the UK’s most prestigious contemporary dance groups and choreographers including members of Lila Dance, Udifydance, Cornelia Turner-Klier as well as collaborating with acclaimed contemporary composer Dougie Evans.
In 2015 to celebrate his success as an alumni, he was granted a special interview by the University of Chichester.

A true multi-instrumentalist and producer, he plays a wide variety of electronic and folk instruments to a very high level of musicianship, including piano, sax, koto, acoustic and electric guitars, MPC drum machines and synthesizers. His work in Japan has led to him being endorsed by ROLI instruments and RODE microphones.

In August 2015 he released Heart Beat Circuit on Brave Wave, an album which features collaborations with legendary Japanese composers Saori Kobayashi, Takahiro Izutani and Manami Matsumae. The album’s stunning artwork was designed by Montreal-based artist Erica Lahaie.

He has also remixed TECMO composer Keiji Yamagishi’s song Bounty Hunter, scored Relay FM’s podcast Behind The App and has just finished soundtracks for the upcoming Stakbots card battle game as well as a new music game by Japanese games company Proto Accel.

As a Tokyo artist, he’s  played live sets at ‘Le Baron De Paris’ and ‘Trump Room’, the latter having housed such giants as dubstep pioneer ‘Skrillex’.

George is currently recording his 2nd album, KODAMA, a fusion of electronic and acoustic music inspired by Japan’s nature and folklore.




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