“If you’re not listening to Heart Beat Circuit by Smoke Thief, then your life is incomplete. This instrumental album was released a few months ago, and I, fortunately, stumbled across it on the day of release and have been playing it off and on for weeks now. Wonderful work.”

“Named George Baker, or “Smoke Thief“, the talented artist who completed his Master’s degree in music performance has released his first album. The album, named Heart Beat Circuit focuses on the story of a futuristic female android who is able to understand what is to be human-like by having sentience.”

“Music has been an essential part of the gaming experience for decades. From simple 8-bit tunes to orchestral compositions, the music of video games can be exceptionally beautiful. As such, it’s fair to say that composers of video game music enjoy a unique position in the entertainment world, straddling the line between being auteur artists and members of large teams of game creators. But what happens when you take the “video game” out of “video game music composition?” Something beautiful and unique! We recently sat down and chatted with musician Smoke Thief about his new concept album and working renowned Japanese composers Manami Matsumae, Takahiro Izutani, and Saori Kobayashi. If you like video game music, you’ll definitely want to check out the new album Heart Beat Circuit!”

“’ I never imagined how many times I would listen to the album . . . over 50 listens in three months? I love this album more than I realized.’”

“Video games and sound effects are fiercely intertwined, and soundtracks becoming very popular is nothing new. But George Baker, aka Smoke Thief, has taken this to the next level by releasing an entire album based on his collaborations with a whole host of Japanese video game music artists. The result is Heart Beat Circuit, a very dreamy record with lots of different influences.”


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