My ‘Heart Beat Circuit’ album is 2 years old today!

I released my debut album on August 20th, 2015. It was a big, life-changing moment for me, up there with completing my Master’s Degree in Music Performance. The album featured collaborations with the wonderfully talented Japanese composers Manami Matsumae, Saori Kobayashi and Takahiro Izutani, and was featured in RocketNews as well as Time Out magazine. It’s now half-price too! The CD is $7 and the download is $6.

Since then I’ve made several game soundtracks, podcast themes and managed to get back to making music regularly again (after a year of not being able to play due to health issues).

I have also started a Patreon (, which is my only regular source of income from music. It’s my hope that my hard work and determination will inspire more support for my music. The internet is a big place and it’s hard to get music heard these days,  but I’m confident things are ‘on the up’ again (as we say in the UK!).

Thank you to all my fans and friends who’ve shown support for what I do over the last few years. There have been quite a few obstacles, but I really hope to bring you more music as soon as possible. Thanks again!

All the best.

George / Smoke Thief







Recent stuff

So I contributed to this cool Japanese mobile game available for Android and iPhone.

And did a sax solo

Work is continuing on Kodama today


Working hard on Album #2


I’m moving full steam ahead recording my 2nd album this year. Cos the project is so ambitious and I’ve hit more than a few obstacles, it’s been taking a while, but I keep on rockin.

Trying one last summer of epic field recording in forests and narrowing down the tracklist. Whatever happens on that front, I will be making studio sessions my main aim from October, with the hope of sending off the album for mastering in December (if funding allows).

I haven’t secured a label to release on, so if anyone can help in that regard, it’d be a big help. I would love to make some music videos and make some collabs with Japanese artists.

Any help/shares/leg-ups = ♡

Regular support + lots of music + exclusives =

Buy Smoke Thief a coffee! =

Thank you everyone!



Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy New Year, I hope 2017 is dreamy and lovely for you!

Heart Beat Circuit remains 1/2 price until Jan 8th and any money raised by those sales will go toward me financing the final studio sessions for Kodama (the next album).
I’ve made a lot of progress with health and fitness this year and I’m thankful for everyone that’s stood by me and super thankful for the nurses and doctors who’ve been so lovely to me.
I’ve got my live setup all sorted now, so looking forward to getting back out there and introducing more people to my music.

2016’s been a tough year for a lot of people and losing our personal heroes has been a real wake up call to the urgency of living, loving and making the most of this precious time we have together on this twirling blue rock. As a sidenote, for relaxation, I highly recommend listening to Smoke Thief while watching the NASA I.S.S feed (above)


I really digged Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher and Alan Rickman and felt very connected to them, because they breached the distance between strangers, and just through light and sound moved us, taught us, inspired us… that is a phenomenal aspect of life in this century, we are more connected across the world, we can reach out to peoples’ hearts from a galaxy far away…

That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do with music, help myself realize, cherish and nurture the connections to people in my own life and hopefully help people cherish theirs and strengthen that connection to their ever-evolving, non-simulataneous, most awesome selves.

2017 is gonna be full of opportunities and I think we’ll see more of them if we’re ‘keeping our chin up’ as we say in the UK. That’s exactly what our heroes would want us to do, to keep looking upwards when we can…. because that’s when we can see the stars and that starlight that shone so directly and with such resolution, that it’ll light up the sky for aeons.

Best wishes for the New Year. 💕